The creation of an audiovisual product starts with the screenplay and, without it, there would be no story to be told. Screenplays can be simple or elaborate, but they always tell stories, they describe lives, people, places and emotions. There are several factors that play a vital role in writing a successful and captivating screenplay: in addition to both creativity writing technical knowledge,it is also important to identify your audience,your descriptions and the essence of your story.

How and when is it carried out? We read, analyse and edit cinematographic texts in order to point out their strengths and weaknesses and to assess their potential. Through our script doctoring service, we provide all-around support for the author during the whole writing process, so that the story can be developed in a successful and interesting way. 

Where is it used? These services are available for texts of several genres, especially scenarios, treatments and screenplays.

What are its main features? This type of translation is the perfect combination of literary texts and dubbing adaptations because it features the most prominent characteristics of them both, especially when the translation of oral dialogues is concerned. For example, screenplays usually alternate between chunks of descriptions, schematic writing and cinematographic jargon and dialogues peppered with oral expressions.

What skills does it require?

  • Deep knowledge of both the source and the target languages (grammatical and syntactic structures, vocabulary) and of cultural and oral elements.
  • Knowledge of cinema-related jargon
  •  Attention to contexts and nuances
  • Awareness of the visual power of words and the need to be able to replicate images in a written form

Thanks to our training in both the literary and audio-visual fields, we can handle different types of cinema-related texts, such as moodboards, scenarios and screenplays. We handle every project with a combination of fidelity to the source text and adaptation to the target language, in order to re-create the atmosphere and the emotions that the source text was meant to create. Teamwork and cross editing allow us to identify nuances and subtexts and to look at them from different perspectives.

In addition to translation services, we offer analysis, editing and script doctoring services to aspiring authors and people that want to develop an idea from scratch or that need support in writing or revising a story through. These services are available for both narrative and cinematographic texts, especially screenplays.