Making a product accessible means working on it so that everybody can enjoy it. Depending on the needs of the target audience, a product can be made accessible in a variety of ways. Specifically, we work with audio descriptions and subtitling for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.

Who is the target audience? Blind people and people with visual impairment.

Where is it used? Any audiovisual and multimedia product.

What are its main features? It is a description of the key visual elements that help the audience gain a better understanding of the movie/AVT product and of what is happening on screen, e.g., places, movements, physical features of the characters, clothes and so on. These descriptions are placed into already-present pauses in a film/AVT product, hence respecting the audible dialogues.

What skills does it require?

  • Ability to read and interpret movie scenes
  • Ability to select and summarise relevant information
  • Deep understanding of the needs and features of the target audience
  • Knowledge of the movie projection context
  • Knowledge of the narrating voice’s reading time della voce narrante

Who is the target audience? Individuals who are hard-of-hearing or deaf.

Where is it used? Any audiovisual product.

What are its main features? Al contrario dei sottotitoli standard, i sottotitoli per persone sorde prevedono l’utilizzo di simboli e colori per distinguere, ad esempio, i personaggi primari da quelli secondari o la provenienza della voce parlante; inoltre indicano non solo i dialoghi, ma anche altri rumori di scena importanti alla comprensione.

What skills does it require?

  • Ability to use subtitling softwares
  • Ability to summarise and to rework information
  • Knowledge of standard subtitling techniques and guidelines and of the average reading time
  • Knowledge of specific symbols and techniques used in subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing

As for accessibility, we write Audio Description texts -which can include the actual recording of the audio description, and we create Subtitles for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing -which can be combined to translation services. As for Audio Descrition, we personally follow the whole working processs.

We offer localization packages that include different services both for pre-production (such as translation of screenplays, summaries and so on...) and post-production (such as the creation of dialogue lists, translation, script adaptation for dubbing, standard subtitling and subtitling for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing.